Spring in Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden

Feel the Spring in Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden.

We didn’t even look back, and the snow cover had already been replaced by the loud chirping of birds. We left winter behind and slowly stepped into the new season.

Plitvice Lakes in the spring exude a special glow. Nature wakes up after a long and cold winter, the bare branches of deciduous trees take on a new floral outfit. It is really impressive to mention that in the area of ​​Plitvice Lakes there are as many as 22 protected plant species. In this group, the St. John’s wort (Cypripedium calceolus) stands out – the most beautiful orchid in Europe. As a rare and endangered species of forest areas, it is in the Red Book of Plant Species of the Republic of Croatia and on the IUCN Red List in the category of endangered taxa. And it is only small segment of all the fenomens of Plitvice.

Cypripedium calceolus Plitvice Lakes

At Etno Garden, we especially love spring because every year it gives us the opportunity to fill our garden and vegetable garden with a variety of plants that will beautify the already beautiful forest scenes.

Vegetable garden Plitvice Lakes

In addition to the inevitable flowers with which we decorate our gardens, an indispensable part of the atmosphere of this resort are certainly fruits and vegetables. It is very important to us that the foods of plant origin that we use in the kitchen are homemade, organic and fresh.

A row of juicy red apples for homemade strudel, a row of fragrant plums for fine jam and brandy, a few walnuts for orehnjača and for shade in the summer.

Homemade strudel Plitvice Lakes

Hidden from passers-by, wild strawberries have been planted, which can only be found by those who spend the afternoon enjoying the most hidden parts of our garden. There are also pears, melons, raspberries, hazelnuts, and even a famous pot with lemon that gets special attention and manages to survive in the harsh mountain climate. Yes, we also have cherries, but somehow they never manage to get to the bowl with the fruit because the playful children’s hands always grab them in time. When asked where they are, by some miracle no one knows anything about it.

Fruits Plitvice Lakes

In our vegetable garden, which is growing every year, you can find a large selection of vegetables that grow in this area. Vegetables have been planted all over Lika since ancient times, so we are well acquainted with all the conditions and tricks by which it grows best. Nowhere in the world will you come across so many different ways of preparing potatoes as there are in Lika. Cooked, baked, toasted, in a stew, in a pot, on a fire… however you imagine, it is probably possible to prepare it. Beans, legumes and peas are also foods that we plant every year and from which we prepare dozens of different dishes.

Vegetables Plitvice Lakes

We will not now enumerate every segment of our vegetable garden as this text might lengthen, but we must certainly mention the tomato. He who has never plucked a tomato from a stalk and bit it like an apple does not know what he is missing, and those of us who know what it tastes like return that scene to childhood.

Tomato Plitvice Lakes

It is already known that the Etno Garden is located in the heart of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, in a part that exudes tradition, a part where you can eat well and the food is local. Our restaurant is a place where people leave with a smile on their face, and even those who are not hungry taste a tray of homemade Lika sausages and cheeses while enjoying the fresh air and nature. Is there anything more beautiful than relaxing in nature with good food and a glass of wine? The air is so clean that after arrival you don’t even think to look for parking for your car, but spend the whole day on foot exploring the charms of centuries-old forests after which everyone, but everyone, falls asleep in rooms that exude ethno house style but with all the benefits of the modern world.

Spring in Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden

Feel the Spring in Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden.

We welcomed this spring with great joy. We have prepared numerous novelties so that your trip to Plitvice Lakes will remain in your sweetest memories. So you can visit our wine cellar and spend the afternoon with a good drink and stories about the customs of the Lika region. Or relax in the sauna after a full day of walking in the park. We think it’s time for some new adventures, some new travels and some new memories, and you?

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