This is a story about the place hidden by the sound of a magical waterfall drops and a dance of a warm wind. Place where everything feels alive and it’s secret it well kept for centuries. We will take you through one of the world’s wonders and you will feel like you never felt before. Just beware, you could fall in love at this place on the first sight.

Etno Garden Plitvice Lakes is unique resort placed in the heart of Plitvice Lakes National Park, only 400 meters from the largest lake called Kozjak, away from noise of the main road in a small village called Plitvica selo. Etno Garden is a vacation oasis offering the perfect combination of relaxing, enjoying and entertainment. This resort is a place with long tradition. We live and work with a respect for nature and old Croatian customs.

Each season brings something different and exceptional. For example during the autumn you can see pallete of different colours everywhere; in fallen leafs, in all the nuts, vegetables and fruits which mellows in that period. Our courtyard is a perfect place for children to play, for girls to share interests, for boys to play cards, and for everyone to feel amazing. You can take your children to a perfect holiday or weekend away from all the city noise. They can pick apples from a tree and eat it, or they can see how a homemade jam is made. This is a place of unspoiled nature and words simply can’t describe the beauty of it.

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It would be pleasure if you come and visit our resort whether it’s for a romantic weekend, family trip, group or business event.
We offer a possibility of organized group accomodation as well as rganization of group events like seminars, team buildings, celebrations and business meetings.

Staying at Etno Garden you will be able to see, feel and experience all the beautiful things this region has to offer.
There won’t be enough time to visit all the fascinating places emerged from the blue-green lakes and ancient forests.
So when you come here it will only be an invitation for come back again…

                                                                                        with love,

Etno Garden