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We bring you information and tips on how to spend the best Summer in Plitvice Lakes.

Travel has become topical again and we have all  welcomed it. Although located in a mountainous area, Plitvice Lakes already look like the middle of summer. Plitvice is most visited in the summer, so we would like to show you what your trip will look like in the summer months as well as give you some useful tips to make your trip as pleasant as possible and how to spend best Summer in Plitvice Lakes.

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We would first like to look at the impact of the Covid 19 virus on your journey. Namely, since the beginning of the pandemic, Ethno Garden has been adhering to all guidelines prescribed by the Croatian headquarters. All rooms and public areas are properly disinfected, and the prescribed distance is maintained in all areas of the resort. Restaurants are now open in Croatia, so in case of bad weather you will not have to sit on the terrace or have lunch in your hotel room. Protective face masks are still mandatory in all enclosed spaces. It is anticipated that as of June 15, all restrictions regarding the working hours of catering facilities will be completely lifted, but we will inform you about this later. As for visiting the National Park, the park is fully open. There are restrictions on the number of people indoors, which includes a panoramic train that will take you through one part of the park. Tickets for the National Park can be purchased at the entrance to the park, but we definitely recommend buying tickets online, in order to secure your entrance on time and reduce the waiting time in line.

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How to prepare for a visit to the national park and enjoy Summer in Plitvice Lakes ? Lightweight clothing and sneakers or closed sandals that keep your foot stable are great choices. We would not recommend flip flops because of the numerous wooden and sandy hiking trails, but also the forest roads that are located right next to the cliffs. We recommend that you bring a backpack in which you will put everything you need, because your hands will probably be busy with a camera with which you will try to capture every corner of this beautiful nature. You can also put a packed lunch in your backpack, which you can order at the resort, and a bottle of water that you will need, believe us. Mosquito spray is probably a very good idea. The Plitvice Lakes area is under UNESCO protection, which means that all species of flora and fauna in the park live and grow freely, so mosquito pollination is not an option. In summer, temperatures can reach above 35 degrees Celsius, so sunscreen is always good. If the day is sunny, you do not need to bring extra clothes, you may only need extra sweaters in the evening because the evenings can be cool and fresh.

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There are several different routes in the Plitvice Lakes National Park that you can visit the park. At our reception we will help you choose the best option according to your wishes, and the will to walk. Be sure of one thing, and that is that you will not miss anything. We will give you a map of Plitvice where you will see all the key points of your tour and explain how to navigate.

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It’s hard to say which part of the park is the most beautiful because each part has its own charms. You must definitely see the Great Waterfall, take a boat ride through Lake Kozjak, but also explore the area of ​​the Upper Lakes, which are especially beautiful to us. You can visit Plitvice in one day, or if you want to explore every hidden part of this beautiful park in more detail, then we definitely recommend 2 days. If you need accommodation, you can stay in our beautiful apartments located next to the lake.

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As for food, we prepare various traditional delicacies in Etno Garden. We believe that tradition must not be forgotten, and we show that with our menu. Food is an essential item of every trip, so we hope you enjoy ours just as much as we enjoy preparing it.

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