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Dear travellers, for the ones who have already visited Croatia and the future ones.
If you were thinking about traveling to Plitvice here is all you need to know about getting your Plitvice Lakes tickets  for the National park Plitvice lakes.

As you already probably know Plitvice are part of UNESCO World Heritage. Due to that last year people in charge for the park have limited the number of tickets per day.

Plitvice Lakes tickets

Also due to that, price of the tickets from June 1st until September 30th for adults will now be 300 kunas, for children age 7-18 price is 120 kunas.
If you come in March the ticket will cost you 80 kunas, and if you are traveling in April and May you will need to pay price of 180 kunas if you want to enter the National Park.

Plitvice Lakes tickets

You can buy one day or two-day ticket, depending of length of your trip and things you want to visit.
The entrance ticket includes transport with electric boat and panorama train, visitor insurance and taxes.

Easiest way to get your ticket is, for sure, online via National park Plitvice lakes webshop, and you simply store your ticket on your mobile phone.
You can also find ticket office at Entrance 1 and Entrance 2 of the Park, but we would definitely recommend to buy it online because ques are quite long and there is always a possibility that tickets are already sold for that day. So, buy your tickets in advance.

Student Plitvice Lakes tickets are available upon presenting a valid student ID card.
If you are a group of travelers bigger than 15 persons, write an e-mail to Marketing and Sales Department of the park and they will arrange your tickets.

Plitvice Lakes Plitvice Lakes Sell Buy Ticket Info

Important! – In period of April 10.-April 19 you will get your Plitvice Lakes tickets with discount of 50% for everyone.

Once you get your ticket you will be able to enter the park from all the entrances – one possibility is to take a walk from Etno Garden so you don’t need to search for a parking at already crowded parking at Plitvice.

If you are looking for a restaurant while exploring this beautiful nature, our Etno Garden restaurant is open daily and if it is high season you can also make a reservation at the restaurant. Our restaurant is on a halfway of your route through the park, only 400 meters from the biggest lake called “Kozjak”.

Dogs are allowed in the park only if they are on a leash, swimming and fishing is forbitten.
Only official website of the National park is allowed to sell the tickets for the park.

At our reception we can help you with the best routes, give you some extra Plitvice lakes info or help you plan your visit.

Plitvice Lakes Plitvice Lakes Sell Buy Ticket Entrance

So, put your mobile devices in your pockets, enjoy stunning nature and make unforgettable memories in one of the most beautiful places on the world.

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