Plitvice lakes – All the time of the year

Plitvice lakes are the most popular National park not just in Croatia, but in Europe too. They are considered as one of the most beautiful armenities in the world. When you first come to Plitvice, you will probably be stunned by the amount of „wild“ water and waterfalls. Scenary which leave you with respect due to nature because of it’s strenght and power.

Plitvice lakes make up a group of 16 lakes which are connected with numerous waterfalls. Lakes are mutally connected with wooden trails which will lead you between the waterfalls. Trails are set up right above the water level so in many cases you will be able to see everything beneeth you, all the plant and animals species and the stunning pearly emerald blue water color. It is even hard to imagine that nature could do such a masterpiece by itself. Even though thousands of people come to visit Plitvice every year, it is pretty hard to describe the feeling when you find yourself surrounded by pure untouched nature. Very ofter when I speak with people they generally say that Plitvice are the most beautiful place they have ever seen, and believe me people from all over the world come there. All the way from Haiti to New Zeland, from Russia to Brazil, From South Africa to Canada.

Plitvice lakes are open to public in every season of the year. The most crowded is, of course, during the summer. At summer Plitvice seems like place where people from all over the world interconnect. Yes, there is lots of visitors, but there is something special in the air what makes all of them happy and fulfieled. During the summer nature is rich and peculiar. Altough we live in technological area and everybody uses their phones all the time, here phones are only used to capture unforgettable memories.

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Then comes the autumn. The word which describes it best is – „colour“. I doubt there is another place in the world where you can see all that colors. A wide palette of reddish brown tones that slide in the sun. The oak trees slowly lose their summer clothes, and the ground is covered with fruits riped on the summer sun. The water that is constantly flowing in some places gets tangled, as if it becomes cold. Definitely my favorite time of year in Plitvice.

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Winter in Plitvice is unpredictable, sharp and requires a glass of homemade brandy. The park is open during the winter and the walkway depends on the amount of snow that falls. Snow. A scene that has been stolen from the movie. For those courageous, for those brave and spontaneous. For those who want to experience something different in life. My favorite period during the winter season is Christmas and New Year. Last year we had a small celebration. People who accidentally came did not expect much, they expected „just a dinner“. The evening ended so that people from all over the world, people who had never seen before, were having fun and having fun together. Kids danced, families talked about memorable stories, and couples looked in love. It’s that feeling when you think you’re cut off from the world but still have everything you need next to it. Perfect scene.

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After a long winter, when the first rays of the sun penetrate through dense clouds, nature begins to wake up slowly. You notice the first buds on the branches of the trees and the first buds that spring from the grass. Everything begins to wake up and people dressed as they live. Visitors to the park still do not have too much so that all those who want to be surrounded by nature and unhindered to breathe fresh should arrive just in the spring. If you come, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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See you there 🙂

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