Other side of Plitvice Lakes – Activities and attractions

Slowly but surely, we begin to travel again. In addition to the recommended distancing measures, health protection and safety measures, we are once again visiting the most beautiful places in Croatia, of which Plitvice Lakes are certainly popular destinations. If you are a fan of eco-tourism, you like to spend time in nature, you are interested in wooden ethno houses, traditional cuisine and beautiful waterfalls, this way we will help you plan your dream vacation in Croatia in Plitvice Lakes.

01 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Nature

As you probably already know, tickets for the National Park are best purchased in advance online. After booking a room or apartment in Etno garden resort, check all additional information such as parking prices, weather forecast in Plitvice, the best places to try fine food, all you have to do is plan additional activities and attractions that Plitvice and surroundings have to offer.

02 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Etno Garden

The plan is as follows:

Book the first day of the visit for a tour of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Etno Garden resort is located only 400 meters from the largest lake Kozjak, so you can leave your car in our parking lot. The best route, which will cover everything, is to visit the Great Waterfall and the Lower Lakes. This is followed by a boat ride and a visit to the Upper Lakes. You will then continue your tour of the park by panoramic train, and the trail will take you to the end, ie the starting point of your tour. After a full day tour, we recommend dinner at the traditional restaurant Etno Garden Plitvice.

03 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Zip Line

The next day you have to think adventurous. After a rich breakfast we arrive at the first location. Adrenaline park, a place where even the bravest feel tingles after their feet leave the ground. We recommend trying the zip line and the big swing.

04 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Cave

In order to rest a little from the fear of heights, we go on a tour of Barać’s caves. The underworld, unique and magical.

05 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Quad

We can book a guided tour for you at our reception. For off-road lovers, there are also quad safaris through beautiful clearings and a century-old forest.

06 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Kayak

If you are an animal lover, be sure to take your pet with you on a tour of Plitvice. Not far from the Park itself, you can visit the Deer Valley, which leaves no one indifferent.

About an hour from Plitvice Lakes is the river Gacka where you can try kayaking. The scenes are truly unusual.

The possibilities are really diverse. In the beautiful natural cycling and hiking is sometimes the most beautiful way to spend the day. If you want to simply relax and forget about all the worries, relax in our large garden, enjoy the sun and recreate in our outdoor gym. And a glass of wine with a platter of homemade cheeses and sausages is certainly a good choice.

07 Plitvice Lakes Activities and attractions Etno Garden

If you are planning to spend your summer holidays in Croatia, or if Plitvice Lakes are just your passing destination, stop at this mysterious location and enjoy the charms of centuries-old waterfalls.

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