Nature that leaves you breathless

Plitvice Lakes has always been a place that does not leave indifferent even the most demanding travelers. This wonder of nature that defies time, hidden deep inside a century-old forest, leaves us breathless with every visit. A few days ago we decided to visit the National Park so that we could show you at least for a moment all the beauty of nature that leaves you breathless. We got up with the first rays of the sun, had breakfast in a restaurant and went for a walk in Plitvice. We bought our tickets for the National Park, and we started the tour from the Lake Kozjak, which is a short walk from the  Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden Resort.

Plitvice lakes Nature 001

We started the tour at the pier of the ship P3, from where we headed along the wooden paths towards the Great Waterfall. The scenes we encountered leave us breathless each time.

Plitvice lakes Nature 002

Plitvice lakes Nature 003

Swimming in the UNESCO-protected Plitvice Lakes National Park is not allowed, but after visiting all 16 beautiful lakes it will be quite clear to you why this is so.

Plitvice lakes Nature 004

Plitvice lakes Nature 005

After touring the Lower Lakes, we set off on a panoramic train ride from Entrance 1, which took us to the highest point of the entire park, from where we set off on foot to tour the Upper Lakes.

Plitvice lakes Nature 006

Plitvice lakes Nature 007

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, there are not too many visitors or crowds in Plitvice Lakes, and the National Park itself has provided its visitors with a safe and pleasant visit.

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Plitvice lakes Nature 009

We ended the day with dinner at a traditional Etno Garden restaurant. Homemade food and a few sips of wine are simply always a great choice.

We hope that you will visit this beautiful place at least once in your life and that it will forever remain in your memory.

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