How will we travel this year? – Visiting Plitvice Lakes during the Corona virus

Although we have put our travel plans on hold for the past few months, due to the favorable epidemiological situation in Croatia, it is likely that we will soon start visiting our favorite locations again. According to the guidelines of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on May 11, National Parks will be opened throughout the country, including Plitvice Lakes.

Although detailed instructions have not yet been published on the official site of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we suspect that May 11th will be the date from which it will be possible to buy tickets for the park, which is definitely recommended to do online. We would like to point out that Plitvice Lakes extends to 29,685.15 hectares of forest, waterfall and untouched nature. No cases of current infestation have been recorded in Plitvice, the place itself is very sparsely populated, making it one of the safest travel locations in Croatia, and possibly in the world.

Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden Accomodation

In order to keep our guests and visitors healthy and safe, we have implemented a number of measures that we have already started implementing at Etno Garden. For the same reason, here are some examples of what your stay at our hotel will look like.

Plitvice Lakes Etno Garden Accomodation

The Etno Garden is located in the heart of the National Park and is surrounded by nature and gardens, and is divided into several separate units. When selecting and booking accommodation, the guest can also choose accommodation that has a separate entrance, and this provides greater comfort and security. Check in goes according to a detailed plan and is extremely fast. Each guest will receive information on how to contact staff from the front desk, thus reducing close interaction with staff. All accommodation units will be thoroughly disinfected prior to each guest’s arrival, and hotel staff will enter the rooms with prior approval from the guest. If the guest need extra bedding, towels and the like, the hotel staff will also leave everything needed in front of the room in which the guest is staying (or will personally hand it over at the request of the guest).

Plitvice Lakes Travel plitvice lakes info 003

Although we like food and we very much hold that our buffet breakfast is varied and fresh every day, it will remain so, but with small changes related to serving. This way, each part of the breakfast will be served individually and the parto f it  will be separately displayed in separate packages at the buffet table. All meals from our restaurant will be pre-orderable from the in-room menu and will be packed in carry-on boxes. Guests can bring their meals to their rooms, individually enjoy traditional outdoor food in the garden, or choose to have our staff serve food at one of the many separate locations in the garden or terrace.

Plitvice Lakes Travel plitvice lakes info 004

We believe that Plitvice Lakes are a unique place where you can spend your vacation surrounded by beautiful nature. The health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us, so this year we will join forces to explore the magic of this unforgettable place.

Plitvice Lakes Travel plitvice lakes info 005

We hope that all this will pass soon and that we will socialize more <3


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